(mostly) Flourless chocolate cake

ACC quick glance at the history of The Epicurean will confirm one thing: I don’t cook desserts very often. This is not to say that I do not like eating them; quite the contrary, in fact. Either I avoid making them for fear of eating them too quickly and too frequently, or, more likely, I find working with dessert recipes too fussy, too prescriptive in amounts and timings. Let’s correct all of that today, with a delicious, easy to prepare recipe for chocolate cake.

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Ramen v1.0

RamenWhen I put together the recipes for this column, I have three main criteria: it has to taste good, it has to be affordable, and it should be relatively easy to put together. With today’s recipe, I’m telling you upfront that I am sacrificing convenience for amazing taste.

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News from the lab – Paper accepted!

It’s great when you wake up and your email inbox is holding such wonderful news. A paper authored by Carina Pals, Deniz Başkent, and me was accepted for publication and should be coming out in the next few months. I’ll post more about it when we receive the proofs and publication date.


Stuffed Tomatoes

Even though we’re well into Autum now, it’s a beautiful day in Groningen and I am feeling summery. By coincidence, one of the vendors at the market carried large (VERY large!) beefsteak tomatoes today, a rare event around here. One can buy decent tomatoes, to be sure, but to find large ones, large enough to stuff, that is, happens only once or twice a year. And so today I set about making one of my favourite summer dishes from Greece: stuffed tomatoes.

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