Neapolitan Pizza

Well, I promised that the next pizza I made at home would be of the Neapolitan variety and I hate to break my promises, so drum roll please for the latest and greatest in Neapolitan pizzas!

OK, maybe not the greatest, but it’s definitely the latest. I mentioned last time that I have been on a quest to perfect pizza-making at home lately and I like taking a methodical approach to this. The most crucial (and, not coincidentally, most difficult) part is getting the baking and crust down and I am happy to report we are one step closer to great results.

The first few attempts were good but took way too long to cook. By the time the pizza finished cooking, the crust was too dry  and the top never reached that volcanic state, cheese bubbling menacingly. This wasn’t just an issue of oven temperature (which, admittedly, is a big problem with the average home oven); the temperature was as high as it would ever get. The problem was in transferring that heat directly to the pizza crust. Thankfully it was an easy problem to solve, with the purchase of a pizza stone from my favourite kitchen store in town, Kamphuis Kookgereedschap, on Brugstraat 34 in Groningen. Our pizzas now cook in about 12 minutes (which is still longer than ideal, but about as good as we can hope for at home), the crust is never soggy, the cheese comes out with the right texture, and the cook is happy. I am not 100% satisfied with the recipe for the dough, however. It does not come out as soft as I would like it too, so I am now experimenting with that. Step one: eliminate all traces off olive oil and see what happens. When I am happy with my results, I will report back with the recipe.

What about you? How do you like your pizza crust? Soft or crisp like a biscuit? Do you have a favourite recipe?